Wellington Weekend Workshop – 12/13 August!

Character, imagination & making it real:
Achieving deeper self-belief and believability in our performances
with Peter Feeney

 Our emphasis this weekend is going to be on creating authentic performances via character work AND teasing out the general situation; working, in other words, from the outside in and the inside out. We will learn character tools to create a character from the outside in, from our experience and imagination; and how to place that character firmly in recognizable truth, by identifying the general situation of the scene and finding our way in from some parallel from our own experience.

The weekend will include multiple readings and runs of scenes; Intensive scene work; Mask work; Character tools; Physical and vocal work; Work on one scene and one monologue; Handouts to continue the learning after the weekend.

In our exercises and games – as well as our work – we’ll explore fear and nerves and how to use them to push our work further.

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