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Every Little Thing

Photographer Bridget Webber, who took the publicity shots of actors and crew during the Every Little Thing shoot, has created ...
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Peter Feeney interviewed in The Sunday Star Times

Peter Feeney interviewed in The Sunday Star Times, 09/08/15 – Full article HERE ...
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Dirty Laundry

Recent casting Peter is now wrapped on the new NZ TV series Dirty Laundry. He played the ongoing role of ...
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Cul de Sac Family Cast photo

I had to share this photo of me gorgeous screen family – we wrapped on this TV children’s series earlier ...
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Dublin, Ireland just before the big crash – Part I

Ireland was booming when I visited early in 2008. And the property crash was just around the corner. My accommodation ...
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To read or not to read in Audition

When US casting director Tom McSweeney first visited our fair Australasian shores, he was amazed that actors were expected to ...
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Acting Coaches: who needs them anyway?!

Last week I was asked by Phil Darkins of NZ Equity to do a Q&A with Jennifer Ward-Leyland, Britta McVeigh ...
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