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Back in 2005 when I produced MILO’S WAKE the stage play my founding concept was that our theatre productions would be high quality, accessible, cheaply priced, and presented in traditional meeting places – pubs, clubs and halls. I wanted to entice people who had never been near a theatre, as well as traditional theatre goers, to come and see share a story that had relevance to the challenges and realities of contemporary life. I was very lucky in my talented cast: Susan Brady, Hannah Marshall, Ashley Hawkes and in 2006 Peta Rutter. The musicianship of Peter Francis and Jo were exceptional. In rehearsal I strive to create an ensemble where the intelligence of the whole group is brought to the work, and the full contribution of each individual is respected and encouraged. I favour character work and trust process to produce great outcomes. I believe Sean O’Faolain’s contention, that stories can be guide books to living, communicating important ideas, thoughts and feelings that are useful in peoples’ lives. Such ideas can be read and taught – but have a powerful revelation as shared experience.