Mar 9, 2018 | Acting

My new Studio is now up and running! Set in a leafy valley close to Castor Bay beach, this is the perfect haven for myself and my clients to do camera coaching and work through scripts, either live or via Skype. If I’m not acting or teaching this is where you’ll find me, writing away. Hurrah!

Five days in Bali-wood

It was the arsenic hour - 8am, the wife at work, three kids running amok in various states of undress - when the phone rang. Stu, a producer at Curious Films, told me I’d just been cast in a TV commercial. I did a triple take, then remembered an old audition I’d...

Cul de Sac Family Cast photo

I had to share this photo of me gorgeous screen family – we wrapped on this TV children’s series earlier this year. Roll on series two!

Making waves

Read the full article here - and discover how 50 year old Feeney is giving hope to aging Thespians everywhere...


In July I chatted with Nights host on National Radio, Bryan Crump, about what it was like to live in Russia just after the fall of communism. That's me, a hundred years ago (it feels) admiring the view of the Moscow River and the Kievskii Voksal (train station) from...