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In 2019 we relaunched as a one stop boutique part time acting school. Our main, though not exclusive focus, is screen work. For the first time we’ve adding a dedicated Teen class. And we continue to have a wide variety of the best tutors going, most of them working professionals at the top of their game.


To read my article on coaching (‘Acting Coaches – are they really necessary?’) from the latest Actors Equity Magazine issue CLICK HERE


  • Do better auditions
  • No big classes and long wait times
  • Add understanding and deeper dimensions to your film acting
  • Peer partnering – always work with someone of similar ability
  • Set your own pace – come as much or as little as you can afford
  • Do tests for overseas work

Sessions in Castor Bay in the North Shore or I can visit you.

Discounts for returning actors


Peter is a gifted teacher and industry professional. I trust him implicitly with our actors for all areas of developing and maintaining their craft. He is extremely accessible, sensitive and caring.
Kathryn Rawlings (Kathryn Rawlings & Associates)

Returning to acting after a break for many years I found Peter’s workshops to be invaluable. Working closely with Peter in a pair-based environment also helped me to both refine my skills and gain confidence. I would wholeheartedly recommend Peter’s courses to any actor who wishes to further their craft in a safe, fun and yet challenging environment.
Elizabeth Marvelly, Singer, Actor

Peter is an excellent teacher, he has an intuition of knowing what to say and how much to say to get the best out of a performer. Also Peter’s history and skill as an actor himself provides a great range of knowledge and experience which he shares generously. I highly recommend Peter and his courses to any actor.
Chad Moffit, Wellington Participant (2013)

Peter Feeney!!! He was instrumental into getting two of my sons into film. Josh and William McKenzie in the ‘Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell,’ a NZ Film. He workshopped them. He really was my God Send.
Angela Vaughan

I can thoroughly recommend Peter as a marvellous proponent of the principles and Techniques he has encountered and uses himself in his acting processes. He is a gifted man with much to contribute to his profession.
Dean Carey, Director, Actors Centre Australia

Peter brings a fresh vision to his work coupled with professional wisdom and his inimitable energy.
Miranda Harcourt, Actor, Coach, Ex-Head of Acting, NZ Drama School

I found this course really valuable. You had no ego about teaching us – which meant I never felt you were imposing your own views on us, rather you let us discover things ourselves but also shared your wisdom and experience freely. Awesome!
Hannah Banks, Auckland Participant

Peter is a very gifted young actor who will always be genuinely interested in exploring his work and finding new approaches to it, and opening this out to his fellow actors.
Cicely Berry, OBE, Voice Director, Royal Shakespeare Company.

You are a wonderfully insightful and optimistic actor, and this allows you to draw the very best work out of everyone. But what is unique about this course is that you aim and succeed in giving everyone involved the skills to be this for themselves. And – above all, the classes were FUN and challenging and filled with great people! Thanks!
Lotte St. Clair, Bell Shakespeare Company Actor & Sydney Participant

Peter your passion for your craft and your desire to engage with audiences of all ages was inspiring.
Hilary Beaton, ex-CEO, Downstage Theatre

Peter provides an inspiring and pragmatic approach to auditions, and really helps you to take risks and give the best and boldest work you can, striving for the absolute truth in every character!
Ryan Dulieu

“I so appreciated working with you. You bring a fantastic combination of experience, optimism, hard work and pragmatism to what you do, and you’re so very good with your students/ fellow actors. Thank you!”
Vincent Ward, Director

Actors Lab began twenty years ago in Sydney when Peter Feeney began running scene groups; a place where actors could work out with their peers and keep acting fit. Since then Peter has taught in Brisbane, Toi Whakaari, The Actors Program, and in his own Studio in Auckland. Over that time, which has run parallel with Peter’s own professional career, Actors Lab has evolved in to its present form: a safe fun space where Peter and guest tutors, actors and directors at the top of their game, share their practical and hard-won wisdom.

For more information about what we offer please visit us at

Actors Lab Studio REBOOT

Actors Lab Studio REBOOT

Hey all, my teaching now has a website all of it's own! In 2019 we  relaunched as a one stop acting school with our main focus on getting actors into screen work. We've added a dedicated Teen class (TWO in 2020), whose participants we treat with the same respect...

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The Actors Lab Studio now has it’s own website!

The Actors Lab Studio now has it’s own website!

  Check us out at There's been some big changes: in 2019 we relaunched as a one stop acting school with our sole focus on getting our actors into screen work. For the first time we’ve adding a dedicated Teen class. And we have a LOT more guest...

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