Peter Feeney



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Theatre Reviews

Performing as both an actor and director, Feeney succeeds admirably as the proud mentor, stalwart friend and the disappointed colleague as he watches his prime student unravel in a world that seems have done away with integrity. Extremely personable, his character strikes a remarkably genuine note that balances much of the see-saw shifts in the play.
Theatreview 2015 (Between Two Waves)

Peter Feeney’s finely judged performance as the klutzy protagonist elicits considerable sympathy… his encounters provide an instructive journey of self-discovery.
NZ Herald 2012 (The Last of the Red Hot Lovers)

Feeney’s parody of the self-help phenomenon was spot on.
Nelson Mail 5/5 2008 (A Night with Beau Tyler)

A wonderfully layered performance by Peter Feeney.
NZ Listener 2006 (Milo’s Wake)

Feeney turns in a magnificent performance.
Otago Daily Times 2006 (Milo’s Wake)

Actor-director Peter Feeney is charismatic as Milo.
NZ Herald 2005 (Milo’s Wake)

Black Sheep – the movie

Black Sheep was the comedy horror feature film from Jonathan King. The film premiered in New Zealand on the 29 March 2007, and also opened theatrically worldwide in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.
“Feeney as the square-jawed Angus is a perfect blend of mad scientist and Kiwi landed gentry.”
NZ Herald
“Peter Feeney makes an excellent buttoned down farmer.”
Metro Magazine
“Feeney is an absolute joy to watch. I wish there had been more of him.”
Aint it
“Peter Feeney delivers a colorfully nasty lead villain… a certified Kiwi answer to Bruce Campbell.”
Scott Weinberg, EfilmCritic
“Special credit given to Feeney for his lecherous performance as the evil Angus, who will let nothing get his way of being the richest farmer in the land, long-term effects be damned …”
Johnny Butane in Dread Central


Wrapped May 2015. Screened TVNZ in September and again in 2019. Sailors on our TINY capsized boat were Owen Black, Greg, Dominic and Peter Feeney. On the eve of their last day of filming Dominic (of Prison Break fame), Greg Johnson and Peter Feeney talked acting and the biz with a live audience. If you missed the talk you can view it on the Teaching page.

Peter’s novel Blind Bitter Happiness, Harper Collins

A triumphant debut. It is hilarious from the outset: Blind Bitter Happiness became known as the “giggle book” in my household within a matter of two pages.
NZ Listener

One of the funniest books I have read in years.
Evening Post

He’s turned his childhood into an amazingly funny novel – one that will appeal to members of his own generation, as well of those of us who grew up in the fifties and sixties, or even earlier.
Evening Standard

You don’t get any better or funnier than this delightful tale … one of this year’s most hilarious novels. I can’t wait for a sequel.
Sunday News