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Beau Tyler

Peter was amazing – a real professional…. they are a bloody tough audience and Peter worked them out and got on their wave length.
Matt Freeman, Managing Director, Freeman Media Ltd
Peter Feeney slam dunked our recent audience with his over the top parody…
Craig Muller, Managing Director, MADANT
I have not laughed so hard or for as long as I did last night.
Waikato Times
Feeney’s parody of the self-help phenomenon was spot on.
Nelson Mail 5/5.
Pants wettingly funny.
Southland Times
Beau had the room in fits of laughter from start to finish.
Janice Miller, Chairperson NZ Hansen User Group



Memphis born, Californian bred, and refugee from some recent shonky business collapses in his native US BEAU TYLER – or BT, as he is affectionately known to his groupies – has devoted his life to developing cutting edge human technologies to enhance and improve the lives of millions worldwide. Beau has met or helped exceptional individuals including world leaders, top sports people and the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies.

TESTIMONIAL from Craig Muller, Managing Director, MADANT CLICK HERE

Announcing an all new Seminar – Dirty Politics!

By popular demand!

Taking Dirty Politics to a NEW level! Announcing the exciting new launch of motivational speaker Beau’s new blog:

The Real Snake Oil!

Beau Tyler, or BT as he is known to his three affectionate groupies, is taking a break from rolling out his new Failure Accessed Revitalisation Technique © 2014 globally to open an exciting new blog!
With the unfortunate brand destruction of Canon Media Award winning journalist Cameron Slater, Beau has spotted a gap in the Blogging market for scurrilous defamatory unfounded but highly entertaining gossip. Beau’s blog will be everything Slater’s blog was – boastful, big-noting and nail-biting (for the victims anyway!) – and much more! For a suitable fee Beau is willing to run smear campaigns on ANYONE or ANYTHING: politicians of any political hue, individuals, companies and SOE’s. No target too small or guiltless for Beau to bring it down.

Beau will share with you all the dirt he can dig as this thrilling new venture evolves!

Beau’s C grade celebrity endorsements include the following:
Cam’s are big shoes to fill, but if anyone can do it Beau can!
Cathy Odgers (aka Cactus Kate). Former Blogger
King Cam is gone! Long live the new king (PS Watch your back Key. I’ll be back)
Judith ‘The Crusher’ Collins. Former Justice Minister


If you have ever said, done or thought anything you may have cause to regret get in now and shut Beau up! Or even shut him down! You can pay Beau to invent lies about himself. OR for our Premium Gold card rate you can pay EVEN more and Beau will reveal REAL scandals about his own life! Sensational!
“Let’s clean up NZ Politics by flinging mud at everyone! If we’re all dirty then no one is! And I hope to make a whole heap of money while I’m at it.”

F.A.R.T. – A Life Changing New Human Technology!

Beau is universally recognised as the top motivational and inspirational speaker in the world today. Fans as diverse and Rodney Hide, Winstone Peters and Kim Jong Il have endorsed his unique Failure Accessed Revitalisation Technique (F.A.R.T.). Beau’s keynote will initiate you into the SECRET that these good folk have always known: to succeed, you must fail! More than that, others must fail – and if you can help them screw up, even better!

BT: A legend in his own lunch box – and in Aotearoa!

You may have been lucky enough to see Beau recently on his tour of New Zealand or in one of his appearances on TV in the Tip Top Memphis Meltdown ads. Beau has now become a cultural icon in New Zealand, a kind of low rent Edmund Hillary. Or high rent Peter Hillary.

Beau can speak on any subject with equal ignorance. He can spin out the same dodgy set of facts over an hour or ten minute side splitting keynote. Either way, Beau Tyler will change the way you and your team do business – forever. Then he’s off on his private jet, one step ahead of any possible lawsuits.


Live Seminars: Fail. Try Again. Fail better!

Average at your job? Are all your friends reactionary bourbon drinking slobs? Does success elude you? If at first you don’t succeed, perhaps failure might be your style! In which case Beau is your man! In Beau’s exclusive live sessions privileged audiences are invited to be transformed by the REVOLUTIONARY Failure Accessed Revitalisation Technique. Audiences will leave motivated – or else! Just look at some of these bonus gifts made available at a typical BT celebrity appearance!

  • Autographed photos of Beau Tyler;
  • FREE invites to attend any of Beau’s upcoming motivational seminars ANYWHERE in the world… well, the seminars are free, but the airfares, accommodation, meals and bookings fees are rather pricey;
  • Your FREE invitation to join the NZ WE LOVE YOU BT (Beau Tyler) CLUB, a fringe fraternity of wide eyed, dedicated – and mostly medicated – Beau devotees. NOTE: membership costs just $2,000 per year!

Beau’s AMAZING PRODUCT LINE is available after his Seminars too, including:

  • Ma Tyler’s Complete Homecraft Set – all 13 volumes now in one handy book!
  • Beau’s own International bestseller – ‘Feel the Fear and Fail anyway.’
  • Beau’s full set of CD’s and DVD’s!
  • The Scanning Collection Alignment Magnetiser – this incredible device keeps your habitat free of negative energy. A steal at $1,000. NOTE: Receive a free box of Memphis Meltdown Big Hokey Ice Creams with every S.C.A.M. purchased!

Book Beau for your event!

To contact Beau’s exclusive manager, Jim Hainey of Speakers NZ, CLICK HERE

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