Our Own Odysseys – Fall of Communism

Jul 29, 2014 | Writing

Peter on Nights

Well that was fun! I chatted with Nights host on National Radio, Bryan Crump, about 1992 and what it was like to live in Russia just after the fall of communism. It was cold, and rather alchololic (what’s that in the coffee cup)? Anyway, here is the interview, which ran Tuesday 29 July Our Own Odysseys: the Fall of Communism

Our vision for theatre productions

Back in 2005 when I produced MILO'S WAKE the stage play my founding concept was that our theatre productions would be high quality, accessible, cheaply priced, and presented in traditional meeting places - pubs, clubs and halls. I wanted to...

Five days in Bali-wood

It was the arsenic hour - 8am, the wife at work, three kids running amok in various states of undress - when the phone rang. Stu, a producer at Curious Films, told me I’d just been cast in a TV commercial. I did a triple take, then remembered an old audition I’d...

Cul de Sac Family Cast photo

I had to share this photo of me gorgeous screen family – we wrapped on this TV children’s series earlier this year. Roll on series two!

Making waves

Read the full article here - and discover how 50 year old Feeney is giving hope to aging Thespians everywhere...