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Cul de Sac Family Cast photo

I had to share this photo of me gorgeous screen family – we wrapped on this TV children’s series earlier this year. Roll on series two!

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Dublin, Ireland just before the big crash – Part I

Ireland was booming when I visited early in 2008. And the property crash was just around the corner. My accommodation was the swanky Chief O’Neill’s Hotel. It was part of the grand local commercial, residential and cultural development in Smithfield village. Now...

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To read or not to read in Audition

  When US casting director Tom McSweeney first visited our fair Australasian shores, he was amazed that actors were expected to memorise their lines for auditions. In LA, where he came from, reading, and reading at short notice, was the norm. Tom believes that,...

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Acting Coaches: who needs them anyway?!

Last week I was asked by Phil Darkins of NZ Equity to do a Q&A with Jennifer Ward-Leyland, Britta McVeigh and Miranda Harcourt on the Actor-Coach relationship. Flattered to be included in such exulted company, I accepted. The evening has come and gone, and it was...

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